EuroMillions Advance Play Changes

EuroMillions Advance Play

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, in both Ireland and around Europe, we will be temporarily changing the way Advance Play works on EuroMillions. Starting Saturday 21st March (after the EuroMillions draw on Friday 20th March), we will be gradually reducing the number of draws for which Advance Play is available. From Saturday 11th April, players will be able to purchase tickets for the next draw only.

This change impacts EuroMillions only – Advance play on other products remains unaffected.


How will this work?

Following the EuroMillions draw on Friday 20th March, we will be implementing a six draw countdown over three weeks for advance play on the game. From then onwards, people will only be able to play in advance up to and including the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 14th April. As each week passes, the number of draws that people can play in advance will reduce accordingly. Players will still be able to buy tickets on a draw-by-draw basis and the draws themselves will take place as planned..


What is the schedule of changes?

The countdown will work as follows:

  • From Saturday 21st March, advance play options will be limited to six draws.
  • From Saturday 28th March, advance play options will be limited to four draws.
  • From Saturday 4th April, advance play options will be limited to two draws
  • From Saturday 11th April, you will only be able to play for the next draw.


Why this is needed?

We believe that this decision is in players’ best interests given the uncertainty caused by the unprecedented and fast-changing situation that is unfolding across the EuroMillions community. Each country is facing its own challenges and restrictions which can change rapidly. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and would like to thank you our retailers and players for their understanding.


When will advance play revert back to normal after 14 April?

It’s too early to say at this stage. We, and the other EuroMillions operators, will continue to closely monitor developments. We will seek to re-introduce advance play once the situation normalizes.


Will any draws be cancelled?

All draws are planned to go ahead as scheduled. There are no plans to cancel draws.


Why does what’s happening elsewhere affect EuroMillions?

EuroMillions is a game run jointly across nine different countries in Europe. Spain, for example, provides operational support for EuroMillions but has declared a state of emergency and suspended the sale of all lottery games. And France, where the draws are held and filmed, is also facing severe restrictions on movement to combat COVID-19. What’s happening in any of the participating countries can therefore have a knock-on effect on the game’s overall operation.