It can be more fun and more rewarding when you're part of a National Lottery Syndicate. It could be in the office, with your family, in your sports club or simply with mates. The fun comes with the sociability of playing with others and it's more rewarding because the more lines your group buys, the more entries you have in each game - and the more chances you have of winning!

And syndicates are no strangers to big jackpots! The biggest ever Lotto jackpot to date was won by a 16 member work syndicate from Dan Morrisseys in Carlow who shared a massive €18,963,441. The largest syndicate to win Lotto was the Confey GAA syndicate in County Kildare, 291 members won €205,520 in August 2004.

Syndicate agreement form

To help you with your syndicate we have produced a syndicate agreement form. We recommend that you fill this out whether you choose to play in advance or not, or you might want to use it as a guide to create your own agreement.
Download the agreement form (PDF)

So what does it take to run a happy syndicate? Here are some tips to keep your syndicate running smoothly:

  • Always check your syndicate's numbers carefully. Numbers can be checked on this site after each draw. Or, better still, why not sign up for our email results newsletter and have them delivered directly to you? You can also check your tickets directly using the in-store ticket checker at a National Lottery agent.
  • Keep track of your syndicate's winnings and payments. Just in case the situation arises, it's a good idea to decide, and let everyone know, what you are going to do if one of the members of the group can't pay for a particular draw.
  • Generate a syndicate agreement in advance to avoid disputes after you have won.
  • Keep communication with all members in the syndicate. It's important to keep everyone in the group involved and motivated. You can do this by communicating regularly with your members to encourage their involvement.
  • Most importantly, remember to play... it could be you ... all of you!


What to do if your syndicate wins

Please download our instructions document which details what you should do if your syndicate is lucky enough to win and includes the declaration form. Download the instruction form (PDF)