Taking a Break

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At the National Lottery, we want all of our players to play responsibly and to play for fun and we are committed to doing all that we can to empower our players with the tools they need to protect themselves. If at any stage you find that our online games or draws are playing too large a part in your life, you should consider taking a break from them. We have a range of options to suit every need:

NB: You must be logged into your account for any change to take effect.

  1. IWG
  2. You can choose to lock yourself out of any or all Interactive Instant Win Games for a minimum
    period of two days or for longer if you wish.

    Take a break from IWGs

  3. Self Exclude
  4. You can choose to close your account (self-exclude from play) for a period of time that suits you, with a minimum of one month up to 5 years and/or permanent self exclusion. If you decide to do this, your account will be closed for the period you select and we will return your wallet balance to you by cheque. During your account closure (the period of your self-exclusion) you will not be able to play Instant Win Games and Draw Based Games. While we will not send you any marketing or service notifications, you might wish to turn off your app notification also, to allow you to enjoy your break uninterrupted.

    Select a period to self exclude

  5. Account Closure
  6. If you do not wish to self exclude but wish to close your account you can do so through your online account. If you decide to do this, your account will be closed, we will return any balance in your wallet to you by cheque, and you will no longer receive any marketing or service notifications. You might also choose to turn off your app notifications.

    Close your account


Play responsibly - Play for fun