About the National Lottery

Premier Lotteries Ireland

Premier Lotteries Ireland DAC (PLI) is the operator of the Irish National lottery having been awarded a 20-year license by the Irish Government in November 2014. We are committed to delivering our core purpose, to operate a responsible and world-class lottery for the people of Ireland, raising much needed Good Cause funds for the benefit of local communities throughout Ireland. Located in Abbey Street in the heart of Dublin, PLI is run by an experienced Irish based management team led by our CEO Andrew Algeo. 

OTPP, An Post and An Post Pension Funds

The shareholders of PLI are Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), An Post and An Post Pension Funds. OTPP has a successful track record in the lottery industry through its shareholdings in the Camelot Group, which includes UK National Lottery operator Camelot UK Lotteries Limited. An Post successfully operated the Irish National Lottery since its creation in 1986.

With C$242.5 billion in net assets, OTPP is the largest single-profession pension plan in Canada and is an independent organisation that invests the pension fund's assets and administers the defined benefit pensions of 331,000 active and retired teachers in Ontario. OTPP is also the owner of Camelot Lottery Solutions which provides consultancy and management services to lotteries worldwide, and Camelot UK which is the exclusive operator of the UK national lottery.

Premier Lotteries Ireland represents the best in lottery expertise globally and is uniquely positioned to grow the Irish National Lottery over the coming 20 years for the benefit of good causes and future generations in Ireland. 

PLI’s Vision

PLI’s vision is for a National Lottery that operates in a socially responsible way providing exciting and life-changing lottery games that bring fun and entertainment to everyone.

Our Mission 

PLI’s mission is to operate a world-class lottery for the people of Ireland, raising important funds for Good Causes.

PLI’s Values 

We are Open

Because “It Could Be You” is founded on customers’ trust, and progress depends on learning and working together, to succeed we must be open.

We are Reliable

Because our customer promise “It Could be You” requires us to deliver for players and communities, and because ambition depends on consistent follow-through to succeed, we must be reliable.

We are Generous

The National Lottery exists to support communities. Because we only succeed when others succeed and when given the opportunity, within our own community of colleagues, we must be generous.

We are Ambitious

Because what we do is essential to Ireland’s communities, brings enjoyment to customers, is valued by stakeholders and represents our professional worth, we must be ambitious.  

Recent Developments 

Premier Lotteries Ireland commenced operations on 30th November 2014 having successfully installed over 20,000 pieces of equipment in its retail network of 3,700 agents throughout Ireland. Since November 2014 PLI’s new system has successfully handled 30 different lottery draws each week as well as processing over 4 million sales and prize payment transactions on a weekly basis.  

Principal suppliers to PLI

Intralot provides the set-up, maintenance and support of software platforms and retail terminals for the National Lottery. Intralot is one of the top three lottery technology providers worldwide. It was the first international vendor in the gaming sector to be certified according to the World Lottery Association (WLA) Security Control Standard and operates to the highest standards of the global lottery industry.

Camelot Lottery Solutions provides consultancy services to PLI and has assisted with the delivery of the ambitious technical and business transition programme undertaken by PLI following the awarding of the new National Lottery licence. Camelot Lottery Solutions draws upon extensive experience from the UK where it supports Europe’s largest interactive lottery. 

Pollard Banknote Limited provides security printing services to PLI and has been a supplier to the Irish National Lottery for more than 20 years.  Pollard Banknote is a leading supplier of scratch card games for over 25 years and serves over 60 lottery and charitable gaming organisations worldwide.

Premier Lotteries Ireland