BeLonG To Youth Services

Based in Dublin, BeLonG To Youth Services is the national organization supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI+) young people in Ireland. This organization was founded in 2003, working with young people aged between 14 and 23 years old. Their aim is to create a world where young people are equal, safe and valued in the diversity of their identities and experiences. Their mission is to support LGBTI+ young people as equals to achieve their vision through youth work, changing attitudes, and research. This wonderful charity works tirelessly to advocate and campaign on behalf of young LGBTI+ people, and offer a specialized LGBTI+ youth service with a focus on mental and sexual health, alongside drug and alcohol support. BeLonG TYS respond to the needs of LGBTI+ young people in Ireland and help them thrive.

BeLonG TYS is completely focused on eliminating the social exclusion faced by, as well as promoting equality for, LGBTI+ young people. This is achieved through firstly empowering and supporting those experiencing exclusion in their lives, and secondly working to remove the structural and social barriers which cause the exclusion in the first place, both from a policy and societal value perspective.

Funds raised by our players has helped support 1,398 individuals in 2019 through their flagship youth service in Dublin and National Network of 56 LGBTI+ Youth Groups. In addition, training was provided to 2,862 professionals working with LGBTI+ youths nationwide.

We're so proud to support this incredible organization offering much needed support to young people in Ireland.