Cyclone Rep

Cyclone Rep is a Theatre-in-Education company, which provides secondary school audiences with an exciting and multi-faceted theatrical experience that engages, entertains, and educates. Started in 2010, Cyclone Rep has now become Ireland’s largest producer of Shakespearean theatre for both Senior and Junior cycles, developing a strong reputation for its highly physical and interactive productions of the bard’s work.

Good Causes funding has allowed the Cyclone Rep team to travel nationwide to deliver their Bullying Prevention Scheme, consisting of a play, presentation, and workshops. Through these sessions it allows students to enhance their awareness to prevent bullying incidents, increase their knowledge and raise levels of empathy for those that are been bullied. It also allows for a forum for school management to listen to students and incorporate their prevention strategies into their school’s Anti-Bullying policy.

Cyclone Rep are on a mission to create awareness about and prevent bullying in secondary schools.

They are helping to build Ireland's next generation of theatregoers & improve young people’s chances of success in Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate English exams.

We're proud to support such an incredible organisation who are helping so many students, teachers, and staff members throughout Ireland.