Wouldn’t €50,000 be a perfect gift?

Birthday, exams, new job, new house, new driver’s licence… a Congratulations scratch card is a great way to say well done. Just €5 each and the chance to win up to six times on just one ticket. On average 1 in 3.8 wins a cash prize! What’s not to love?

Each card has three fun games: Burst the Balloons!, Open the Gifts! and Raise your Glasses!. The perfect way to help someone to celebrate, we say!

Congratulations Scratch Card

Further information

Congratulations Game Rules 223 (PDF) (1 top prizes of €50,000 - 1 remaining)

Congratulations Game Rules 186 (PDF) (2 top prizes of €50,000 - 0 remaining) 


Don’t miss out on your prize! Last date to claim prizes for game 186 (golden version) is 10/10/2019.

Top Prize Information last update 18/10/2019

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