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Mega Money Multiplier

The new Mega Money Multiplier game is a €10 addition to a recently launched €5 Money Multiplier game. It offers a MULTIPLIER BONUS and a chance to win up to 5X, 10X, 20X or 50X the prize won. LUCKY SPOT is an additional bonus game.

  • Price: €10 per ticket
  • Top Prize: €250,000
  • Prize Payout: 67.00%
  • Average odds of winning a prize 1 in 3.30


Mega Money Multiplier Scratch Card Front
Mega Money Multiplier Scratch Card Revealed

How to Play

Step 1: Match one or more of the 5 WINNING NUMBERS to one or more of the 30 YOUR NUMBERS - Win the corresponding PRIZE(s) shown below that number. A WINNING NUMBER can match more than one of YOUR NUMBERS to win more than one prize.

Step 2: Scratch the MULTIPLIER BONUS fields to multiply any PRIZE won by the MULTIPLIER shown for that ROW. There are 6 chances to multiply your PRIZE - one per each ROW.

NOTE: On winning tickets, where a 1X symbol is revealed in the MULTIPLIER BONUS field for any winning ROW, win the PRIZE amount shown.

Lucky Spot: Reveal a symbol to instantly win the PRIZES shown below the symbol. 


Claim Your Prize

See back of your ticket on how to claim your prize or check the Retail players section of How to claim your prize page.


Scratch Card Expiry Information

You have up to 90 days from when this game ends to claim your prize. Check List of Game End Announcements for more information on game end. 

List of Game End Announcements


Further information

Top Prize Information last updated 17/09/2021

List of Game End Announcements