Lucky 7s – The latest NEW edition to our extended play family.

Lucky 7s just got even luckier. With 10 games to play and a BONUS LUCKY SPOT, scratch your way to winning over 100,000 prizes between €10 and the TOP PRIZE of €7,777

Price per play is €10 with an average of 1 in 3 chances to win.  

  • Game 1-4: Find three 7s within the same game, WIN that amount.
  • Game 5-8: In each game scratch to reveal the numbers, if the two numbers add up to 7, WIN the corresponding amount instantly.
  • Game 9: Match any of the ‘’WINNING SYMBOLS’’ to ‘’YOUR SYMBOLS’’ and WIN the prize for that symbol.
  • Game 10: Match 3 numbers, WIN that amount instantly.
  • Lucky Spot: Scratch and find the amount in the LUCKY SPOT – WIN that amount.


New look premium finish ticket now also on sale (Game Number 229).

Lucky 7s Scratch Card

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*This reflects two ticket print runs. 330,000 in the first print run and 660,000 in the second print run.

**This reflects three ticket print runs. 660,000 in the first print run and 330,000 in the second print run and 660,000 in the third print run.

Top Prize Information last updated 19/10/2020

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