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Lucky 3s

Try your luck with the new €3 Lucky 3s scratch card. 3 games to play and great odds of winning a €3,333 top prize. 

  • Price: €3 per ticket
  • Top Prize: €3,333
  • Prize Payout: 64.00%
  • Average odds of winning a prize 1 in 3.75
  • Odds of winning a €3,333 top prize 1 in 166,667.67


Lucky 3s Scratch Card Front
Lucky 3s Scratch Card Revealed

How to Play

GAME 1: Reveal three 3 symbols in any one row, column, or diagonal line, win prize shown in PRIZE box.

GAME 2: Match the LUCKY SYMBOL to any of YOUR SYMBOLS to win PRIZE.

GAME 3: Match 3 amounts to win that amount.

Claim Your Prize

See back of your ticket on how to claim your prize or check the Retail players section of How to claim your prize page.


Scratch Card Expiry Information

You have up to 90 days from when this game ends to claim your prize. Check List of Game End Announcements for more information on game end.


Further information



Top Prize Information last updated 27/01/2023

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