Diamond Deluxe Doubler

DOUBLE your WIN with our NEW Diamond Deluxe Doubler!

Diamond Deluxe Doubler is our new €2 Scratch Card. With the added sparkle of a €20,000 Top Prize, what’s not to love!

Game 1: Match any of the DIAMOND SYMBOLS to any of YOUR SYMBOLS and win prize shown for that symbol.

Game 2: Scratch the DOUBLER play area. If you reveal 2X symbol, win 2 times the prize won.


Diamond Deluxe Doubler Scratch Card

Further information

  • Diamond Deluxe Doubler 196 (PDF) (6 top prizes of €20,000, with 4 remaining)*

    *This reflects two ticket print runs. 800,000 tickets in the first print run and 1,600,000 tickets in the second print run.

Top Prize Information last updated 24/01/2020

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