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Diamond Bingo Doubler

What is not to love about  Diamond Bingo Doubler Scratch Card?  The anticipation of revealing caller's card, eagerly scanning four of your cards for that magic number, the satisfaction of marking with a coin all matching numbers - time flies when you’re wrapped up in a good game!

So many ways to win - match all numbers in a line, all 4 corners, a complete X and also a small and a large diamond pattern.  Reveal a DOUBLER SYMBOL and if it matches a symbol on your winning card you win DOUBLE the prize.

BONUS GAME is your extra chance to win an instant prize.

  • Price: €3 per ticket
  • Top Prize: €30,000
  • Prize Payout: 66.00%
  • Average odds of winning a prize 1 in 3.75
  • Odds if winning a €30,000 top prize 1 in 1,250,000
265 Diamond Bingo Doubler Scratch Card Front
265 Diamond Bingo Doubler Scratch Card Revealed

How to Play

Match numbers from caller's card to Cards 1 - 4. Win the prize from a corresponding box if you complete the line or a pattern. In each of Cards 1 to 4 inclusive there will be one symbol: a Horseshoe, a Diamond, a Star or a Bundle of Money. If a winning line or pattern, in any card, contains a symbol that matches the “DOUBLER” symbol – win DOUBLE the prize for that line or pattern. Reveal a winning symbol in the bonus Game and win corresposding prize instantly.

Claim Your Prize

See back of your ticket on how to claim your prize or check the Retail players section of How to claim your prize page.


Scratch Card Expiry Information

This Diamond Bingo Doubler Game 265 is on sale until 1st of April 2023. All prizes must be claimed before this scratch card expires on 30th of June 2023.

All prizes for Game 212 (purple version) must be claimed before they expire on 6th of October 2022.

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*This reflects four ticket print runs. 2,500,000 tickets in each of three print runs and 5,000,000 tickets in the fourth run. 

Top Prize Information last updated 30/09/2022

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