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Bingo Multiplier

Playing Bingo has never been more exciting. Our new Bingo Multiplier scratch card includes more than 250,000 prizes between €5 and TOP PRIZE of €50,000. At €5 per ticket you get 8 chances to win, we can't imagine a better way to enjoy a game of Bingo. Match numbers from caller's card to your Cards 1 to 8 and see if you are a lucky winner. Add up all your prizes and see what your PRIZE MULTIPLIER is. Your total prize could be multiplied by up to 10 times!

Odds of winning a prize are 1 in 3.54.  

How to Play Bingo Multiplier Scratch Card

How to Play

Match numbers from caller's card to Cards 1 - 8. Win the prize from a corresponding box if you complete the line, 4 corners or a complete 'X'. If you have won a prize on one or more of Cards 1 - 8, multiply the total of your prize(s) by the amount revealed in PRIZE MULTIPLIER box. Prizes are not multiplied if 1X is revealed. 

Claim Your Prize

See back of your ticket on how to claim your prize or check the Retail players section of How to claim your prize page.

Further Information


*This reflects three ticket print runs. 900,000 tickets in the first print run and 1,800,000 tickets in the second and third print run. 

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Top Prize Information last updated 14/06/2021

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