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All Cash Platinum

All Cash Platinum is worth its weight. 

  • Price: €5 per ticket
  • Top Prize: €75,000
  • Prize Payout: 67.00%
  • Average odds of winning a prize 1 in 3.72
258 All Cash Platinum Scratch Card Front
258 All Cash Platinum Scratch Card Revealed

How to Play

Game 1: Match 3 AMOUNTS - Win that amount. 

Game 2: Find 3 identical symbols to win a PRIZE. 

3x Scratch Card Piggy Bank Symbol= €5 3x Scratch Card Coin Stack Symbol= €10
3x Scratch Card Wallet Symbol= €20 3xScratch Card Vault Symbol = €50
3x Scratch Card Banknote Symbol= €100 3x Scratch Card Chest Symbol= €1,000
3x Scratch Card Gold Bar Symbol= €75,000

Game 3: Match any of the WINNING NUMBRS to any of YOUR NUMBERS in either line – Win PRIZE amount shown 


Claim Your Prize

See back of your ticket on how to claim your prize or check the Retail players section of How to claim your prize page.


Scratch Card Expiry Information

This All Cash Platinum game 258 is on sale until 1st of September 2022. All prizes must be claimed before this scratch card expires on 30th of November 2022.

All prizes for All Cash Platinum game 203 (yellow version) and game 244 (red version) must be claimed before they expire on 31st of December 2021.

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Further information


*This reflects three ticket print runs. 2,400,000 tickets in the first print run. 4,800,000 tickets in the second print run. 2,400,000 tickets in the third print run.


Top Prize Information last updated 15/10/2021

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