Crossword Plus

A new addition to the Crossword family

  • Scratch YOUR LETTERS to reveal 22 letters
  • Mark the corresponding letters in each of the two CROSSWORD puzzles
  • Complete 3 words or more in any CROSSWORD puzzle to win the corresponding prize shown in the Legend
  • Letters combined to form a complete 'word' must appear in an unbroken horizontal (left to right) sequence or vertical (top or bottom) sequence in each CROSSWORD puzzle
  • Only letters in each CROSSWORD puzzle that are matched with YOUR LETTERS can be used to form a complete 'word'. A complete 'word' must contain at least three letters
  • In each CROSSWORD puzzle, every lettered square within an unbroken horizontal or vertical sequence must be matched with YOUR LETTERS to be considered a complete word. Words within words are not eligible for a prize
  • A ticket may win up to two times
  • Win up to €25 instantly in the BONUS WORD GAME
  • Price per ticket is €5 and average 1 in 4.3 wins cash


Crossword Plus Scratch Card

Further information

All prizes must be claimed before this scratch card expires on 01/08/2020.

Top Prize Information last updated 12/08/2022

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