Responsible Play Week

Slow your play - If the fun stops, take a break

At National Lottery we are committed to creating and offering all our games in a socially responsible way. While creating a range of products that are exciting and engaging for our players, we also continually improve ways to allow everyone to play responsibly. These include a wide range of programs from retailer training to the implementation of the latest technologies.

They are designed to:

  • Help our players to play within their means.

  • Ensure players are 18 years and older.

  • Allow vulnerable players to have multiple options to control and prevent behaviors of problem play.¬†


Responsible In-Store Play

Every effort is made to ensure that problem play is prevented at point of sale for National Lottery products Nationwide. All our retail agents throughout this network are required to undertake compliance training. These education training programs are designed to prevent the sale of National Lottery games to minors, as well as identifying and reducing problem play behaviours by players in-store. 

Responsible play messaging as well as instructions on accessing more information on responsible play are placed both at point of sale as well as printed on all physical National Lottery products. 


Responsible play messaging lotto ticket

Responsible Online & In-App Play

Online players of National Lottery games are offered a wide range of up to date responsible play options. We have integrated play detection functionality across the National Lottery app and This software can detect patterns of the early signs of problem play behaviour. When triggered, users receive on screen messaging with helpful information on normal patterns of play, time logged-in and information and playing responsibly. 

Other control options available include: 

  • Default maximum spend limits over a daily and weekly period. This ‚ā¨75 per day / ‚ā¨300 per week limit prevents players spending too much over a set period.

  • Player adjustable spend limits. This allows players to adjust the limit of the amount they are comfortable spending over a daily/weekly period.¬†

  • Player controlled account limitations. This allows players to take a break, lock out play on Instant Win Games or temporarily or permanently close their accounts¬†

  • Automated duplicate account detection and suspension preventing a user from having multiple accounts.¬†

  • ID Verification of player accounts allows us to prevent play my minors under the age of 18.¬†


    ID verification

Game Design

All our games are tested at the design stages to ensure that they meet the highest standards to prevent triggering problem play bahaviour. Testing occurs for each characteristic of game play. Adjustments to game play and advertising are made accordingly to ensure responsible gaming is achieved.


Useful Resources

If you need to talk to someone about problem play then contact the National Gambling Helpline on 1800 753 753 or or telephone Gamblers Anonymous Dublin on (01) 8721133, Cork 087-2859552, Galway 086-3494450, Tipperary 085-7831045 or Waterford 087-1850294/ 086-2683538. Another useful website is which provides support and resources to anyone whose life has been negatively impacted by problem play.



We have also partnered with The Rutland Centre, which specialises in support and treatment of those experiencing addiction difficulties. If you wish, you can email any concerns you might have to the address below and a support specialist will respond to you. Please note that messages sent to this address will be reviewed internally by a member of PLI staff to ensure that unrelated messages are not sent in error.


Contact us at:


If you would like to learn more, visit the responsible play section of our website here.