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Responsible Play Online

At the National Lottery, we are committed to empowering our players with the tools they need to protect themselves. 

Our online players are offered a wide range of up to date responsible play options. We have integrated play detection functionality across the National Lottery app and This software can detect patterns of the early signs of problem play behaviour. When triggered, users receive on screen messaging with helpful information on normal patterns of play, time logged-in and how to play responsibly. We monitor onsite activities and engage with players if necessary. 


Online account options to play responsibly

Default maximum spend limits of ‚ā¨75 per day / ‚ā¨900 per month

Mandatory limits are applied to your online account. You will be subject to a daily maximum spending limit of ‚ā¨75, a weekly maximum limit of ‚ā¨300 and a monthly maximum limit of ‚ā¨900. Remember that these are maximum limits, not targets.

To change your spending limits, login to your account and select 'Spending limits' from the left-hand menu.

Player adjustable spend limits over a daily/weekly period

Players can also choose to adjust daily, weekly or monthly limits downwards allowing them to remain in full control. You can choose to self-impose a lower limit to the system limits above. A decrease in spend limits will take effect immediately, while an increase in spend limits will require a 24hr waiting period before it is activated.

While logged in to your account you can access these controls or by visiting the My Wallet area in the My Account section of  

Take a break or close account

If at any stage you find that our online games or draws are playing too large a part in your life, you should consider taking a break. We have a range of options to suit every need:

  1. Instant Win Games

    You can choose to lock yourself out of any or all Interactive Instant Win Games for a minimum period of two days or for longer if you wish.

  2. Temporary Account Closure

    You can choose to close your account for one month, six months, one year or five years. If you decide to do this, your account will be closed for the period you select and we will return your wallet balance to you by cheque. During your account closure you will not be able to play any Instant Win Games or Draw-Based Games. Additionally, we will not send you any notifications, including marketing notifications.

  3. Permanent Account Closure

    You can choose to close your account permanently. If you decide to do this, your account will be closed permanently, we will return any balance in your wallet to you by cheque and you will no longer receive any notifications, including marketing messages, from the National Lottery.

    If you experience any difficulties taking a break or closing your account, you can contact our Customer Services Team on 01-8891000¬†and they will assist you. Their opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 09:30 ‚Äď 20:00.

Automated duplicate account detection and suspension

We have automated duplicate account detection and suspension preventing a player from having multiple accounts. 

ID verification

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to open an account or to play National Lottery Online. All new users are required to agree to our Terms and Conditions and click a separate check box confirming they are at least 18 years of age at the time of account creation. At the National Lottery, we recognise that the internet is readily available in many homes and because of this, we must work together with parents to prevent children from underage gaming.

Tips for helping to protect minors:

  • Keep your username and password out of reach of children
  • Be sure to always log out of your online account when it is not in use
  • Limit the amount of time your children spend online
  • Consider installing internet filter software such as NetNanny, which allows you to control and block access to gambling websites

Account history

You can view your transactions on National Lottery Play Online by clicking on "Manage My Account" section of the website. You will be able to access certain data from the Website relating to your previous 121 days Game play. If a player would like a copy of additional transaction history beyond this period, it can be provided upon request by contacting


Responsible play in-store

Every effort is made to ensure that underage and excessive play is prevented at point of sale for National Lottery products nationwide.

  • Purchase limits on Scratchcards
  • Retailer ‚ÄúThink 21‚ÄĚ policy
  • Mystery shop exercises are regularly carried out by young looking persons aged 18+ who we believe should be challenged for ID.
  • Easy access of help and support on messaging of all products.
  • Mandatory training for all new retailers.
  • All our retail agents are required to undertake compliance training.
  • Regular communication with our retailers such as leaflets and terminal messages.


Responsible game development

  • All games are subject to an approval process. We must ensure that our advertising strategies do not target anyone under 18.
  • Marketing of all lottery games must comply with all codes of practice and¬†The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland.
  • All games are risk assessed before development to avoid games that are quick to play and encourage repeat play.¬†