Stronger Customer Authentication – what does this mean?

The final changes under the second Payment Services Directive, also known as PSD2 came into full force from 31st December 2020.

These changes relate to the implementation of Strong Customer Authentication, also referred to as SCA. This means that you may need to carry out an additional security step before completing any online shopping.

These changes are being made right across the European Union and are designed to provide better protection for you, help reduce fraud and make shopping online even more secure.

How this is done will depend on your bank and your bank will contact you to explain what these changes mean for you.

What does it mean for playing National Lottery Games online?

No changes are required to your payment card registered with us. When you go to add funds to your wallet, your bank may check the transaction by asking you for two methods of identification such as a fingerprint or four-digit one-time passcode. You will get more information on this from the bank that your card is registered with.

If you do run into any problems adding a card or funds into your National Lottery account, please get in touch with us on (01) 889 1000 from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday.

What is PSD2?

The second Payment Services Directive or PSD2 is a European law which came into full force in Ireland on 31st December 2020 and which will make it more secure for you to make electronic payments when shopping online or using online banking services.

PSD2 aims to make payments safer and increase consumer protection.

While some elements of the PSD2 legislation have applied from 13th January 2018, the full rollout from January resulted in changes to how you use digital payments channels and shop online by introducing added security rules referred as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Each bank will communicate directly with their customers to explain how SCA will work for their accounts.

What is SCA?

The principle of SCA is to increase security for electronic payments through the introduction of two factor authentication protocols. This is a security process in which you may be asked to verify your identity in two different ways such as with a password or a fingerprint. SCA is used when accessing online payment accounts or shopping online. Customer authentication is in use today however with PSD2 it is likely to be used more frequently to provide enhanced security.

My bank is preventing me from adding funds to my online wallet

If you are unable to add funds to your online wallet it’s possible that you have not set up strong customer authentication with your Bank. Please select the link for your bank below and follow the instructions;

Permanent TSB


Bank of Ireland