What are e-payments?

An e-payment is a payment made to you by the National Lottery directly to the payment card linked to your National Lottery account. This is the standard payment method for all wallet withdrawals as well as prize payments between €100 and €500 (see below for more information). If an e-payment fails, a cheque will be issued instead.


Am I eligible to receive e-payments?

All players with a National Lottery account can avail of e-payments if their account is ID-verified and have a valid debit card linked to their account (see below).  

Why do I need to be ID-Verified?

The National Lottery is dedicated to Responsible Play and is committed to providing a safe and responsible environment within which to play our games. As part of this commitment, we have introduced a Responsible Play requirement for ID Verification to our online channel, which is just one of many ways we help encourage Responsible Play and ensure all our players are 18+.

ID verification also facilitates the payment of prizes, because the National Lottery is required to confirm the identity of the prize winner before making a prize payment (under the National Lottery Act and the Licence to Operate the National Lottery).

Can I still choose to receive my payments back as cheques?

Yes. You can still choose to receive your payments by cheque. Please get in touch with our Customer Support team if you want to get this arranged.

Payment card

What types of cards are accepted?

Valid personal debit cards issued by VISA, MasterCard, and the majority of banks within the SEPA region (including Revolut and N26) are accepted. Credit cards are not accepted. 

Can I change the card which is linked to my account?

Yes, you can update your card details once per month.

- From our iOS/Android app you can do so under My Wallet > Payment details.

- On our website you can do so here

Can I receive an e-payment on the same day as changing my card?

No. As a player protection and fraud prevention measure, if a player changes their card details, there is a 3-day period during which no prizes or withdrawals can be issued to their card. Automatic prize payments during that period will be paid by cheque.

Withdrawals and prize payments

What kind of transactions can be processed via e-payments?

Withdrawals of funds from your online Wallet as well as prize payments between €100 and €500 will be processed as an e-payment to your card. In addition, prizes under €100 which will result in your Wallet limit of €750 being exceeded are also eligible to be paid back to the payment card linked to your account.  

Which prize payments are processed by e-payments?

- Only prize wins from €100 to €500 will be automatically processed as e-payments. 

- Prize wins under €100 will be paid into your online Wallet (unless your Wallet limit is exceeded – see above).  

- Prizes above €500 are not currently payable as an e-payment (see How to Claim page). 

What happens if I win multiple prizes on one ticket ?

If one Draw Game ticket wins more than one prize in a single draw, the prizes will be summed and processed as a single transaction. Depending on the total prize amount, the prize amount will be paid into your wallet, processed as an e-payment, or issued as a cheque.


When are e-payments processed?

E-payments are processed the next day after the prize is won or a withdrawal is requested.

Depending on your issuing bank/type of card, you will receive your prize within:

- 1 day for VISA

- 2-3 days for Mastercard

Can I receive an e-payment the same day as I requested it?

No. We do not return funds to players on the same day.

Where can I see the status of my e-payment (and any other account transactions)?

You can view the status of your e-payment (and any other account transaction) within the “Financial Transactions” section of your online account. The status will be one of the following: 

In progress: we are processing the transaction. In the  event of an e-payment, the payment request will be sent to your bank on the next day   .

Paid to Card: we have sent the payment request to your card provider. 

Cheque sent: the transaction was processed by cheque.

What happens if an e-payment fails?

If an e-payment fails for any reason, your prize/withdrawal will be issued as a cheque.

I thought I was going to get paid as an e-payment, but I got a cheque, what happened ?

Even though you may be eligible to receive an e-payment (e.g., your prize was below €500), on occasion e-payments can fail, for example: 

- The card has been frozen or is expired     

- There is an issue with your payment card or issuing bank.  

In such cases you will receive your payment by cheque.

If these issues persist, please call our Customer Support team

I received a payment as an e-payment, but my prize should have gone into my online wallet. What happened?

If you win a prize under €100 that will result in your wallet balance going over €750, we will issue the full amount of the prize as an e-payment back to the card linked to your account; if the e-payment fails, we will issue the full amount by cheque.

Account Status

What happens if I close my account?

When you close your account, any remaining balance in your online wallet will be paid back to you by cheque.

What happens if I self-exclude from National Lottery games?

If you self-exclude from your account, any remaining balance will be returned to you by cheque. All prizes won by tickets for draws that will occur after the time of self-exclusion will be issued to you by cheque.