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These sales are returned to communities in the form of prize winnings, Good Causes, and commission to retailers all over Ireland.

  • 56% returned in prizes (€585.9 million).
  • 29% transferred to the Good Causes Fund (€304 million).
  • Over €55.3 million (5%) paid in retail network commission.
  • Cost of operations, administration, and profit 10%.

Approximate figures for the year ending 2021

In 2021, there were a total of 31 new Lottery Millionaires from across Ireland. These winners won incredible big life changing amounts of money. A total of €585.9 million was won by players throughout the year. Congratulations to each one of these winners.

Our players continue to have an enormous impact every time they buy a National Lottery ticket. One of the National Lottery's purposes is to raise money for Good Causes whilst protecting people playing its games. Since it launched in 1987, the National Lottery and its players have raised over €6 Billion for Good Causes. A total of approximately 29 cent in every euro spent on National Lottery games goes to the Good Causes fund and on average, over 4,000 groups on average receive funding every year.

With over 5,300 retail partners, the National Lottery retail network contributes significantly to the Good Causes fund and in 2021, retail sales

amounted to €878.6 million. Retailer commission also grew to €55.3 million which benefited retailers all over Ireland.

How is National Lottery revenue distributed?

From the last available financial report in 2021, sales of National Lottery games amounted to €1.053 Billion. 90% of all revenue was returned to communities in the form of prizes, Good Causes and retailer’s commission:

Record €585.9 million in prizes. (56%) 

€304 million raised for Good Causes. (29%) 

€55.3 million paid in commission to retailers. (5%) 

Cost of operating the National Lottery, including operating profit was approximately 10% of sales.

How many people play National Lottery games in Ireland?

In 2021, over 1.4 million people enjoyed National Lottery games each week on averageThese players are responsible for supporting thousands of organisations and groups in towns and villages across Ireland, with approximately 29 cent in every €1 spent on National Lottery games going directly to the Good Causes fund.