How to Play Millionaire Raffle

Christmas Millionaire Raffle

Update: Tickets for 2020 Millionaire Raffle sold out. The draw took place after 10pm on 31st December 2020.

Come back on New Year's Day to check your ticket and see if you are Ireland's newest Millionaire or one of the lucky cash prize winners!


Somewhere out there is a brand new millionaire, thanks to our Christmas Millionaire Raffle! It's a limited affair with only 500,000 tickets. The draw is automated and takes place on New Year’s Eve, Thursday 31 December 2020 in National Lottery headquarters. Tickets are now on sale at €25 each. Results for all prizes will be available on our website by 1 January 2021. Tickets may also be checked at National Lottery agents or scanned using the National Lottery app.


There are 6,009 prizes in total and six prize levels ranging from €500 up to €1,000,000;


Christmas Millionaire Raffle 2020 Number of Prizes


The total value of all prizes available to win in the Game is €4.615 million, which means that the likely proportion of the proceeds of the Game which are expected to be paid in prizes is 36.92%. The likely proportion of the proceeds of the Game is calculated based on projected sales. The actual proportion of proceeds paid in prizes may vary depending on the actual sales volume.

How to play

Tickets for this year's Millionaire Raffle are now sold out.

The tickets cost €25 each and are sold in consecutive order, so you don't even need to fill out numbers. It's a perfect gift for Christmas or the New Year..... make someone a millionaire!

Important stuff

Tickets for this year's Millionaire Raffle are now sold out. 

If you buy more than one ticket they may not have consecutive numbers on them and they cannot be cancelled.

All prizes are guaranteed. Remember, your ticket is your ONLY valid receipt for claiming a prize, so sign the back and keep it safe: it could be worth a million!


Prize Number of Prizes
Level 1: €1,000,000 1 prize
Level 2: €100,000 3 prizes
Level 3: €10,000 10 prizes
Level 4: €5,000 30 prizes
Level 5: €1,000 165 prizes
Level 6: €500 5,800 prizes


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