Our Company


There are four core values that we expect from everyone who works for or on behalf of the National Lottery:

We are Open

Because “It Could Be You” is founded on customers’ trust, and progress depends on learning and working together, to succeed we must be open.

We are Reliable

Because our customer promise “It Could be You” requires us to deliver for players and communities, and because ambition depends on consistent follow-through to succeed, we must be reliable.

We are Generous

The National Lottery exists to support communities. Because we only succeed when others succeed and when given the opportunity, within our own community of colleagues, we must be generous.

We are Ambitious

Because what we do is essential to Ireland’s communities, brings enjoyment to customers, is valued by stakeholders and represents our professional worth, we must be ambitious. 

If this work sounds exciting and you would like to contribute to making magic happen.