Selfless Limerick man vows to 'change lives’ with €209,241 Lotto win

Selfless Limerick man vows to 'change lives’ with €209,241 Lotto win

‘This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,’ exclaimed an emotional Limerick man who claimed his Lotto Match 5 + Bonus prize of €209,241 from Wednesday 08 February..

The kind hearted family man from Co. Limerick who was joined with his wife and family has vowed to use his new found fortune to help those closest to him, ‘This is an incredible amount of money just for one person. Since we found out about the win on Wednesday (08 February), my wife and I have been putting plans in place to divide the win among family and friends,’ he said.

'We know that a small amount of money would mean the world to a lot of people. It’s a special feeling knowing that we will be making a huge difference'

While the couple have made selfless plans to help others, the winning father admitted that he would allow himself to have one special indulgence to celebrate their win, ‘The one and only thing I want to buy is a handbag for my wife,’ he laughed.

‘My wife took a shine to some handbags in the shops last week so I’d like to give her a special treat to celebrate our win,’ he said.

Want to share that winning feeling? Wednesday’s Lotto jackpot is heading for a massive €10 million (est).


Good Causes benefit from the sale of all National Lottery games

To date the National Lottery has raised over €5 billion for good causes. This level of funding has made a significant difference to communities, projects and individuals in the areas of Youth, Sports, Recreation, Amenities, Health, Welfare, Arts, Culture, National Heritage and the Irish Language.