Sunny Money €30,000 Top Prize Win

Sunny Money €30,000 Top Prize Win

A lucky Dublin man has brightened up his day in an instant by picking up a cheque from National Lottery headquarters for a record-breaking online Instant Win Game of €30,000. The amazing win came from playing our popular Sunny Money game on Tuesday the 17th of October 2017. 

The gentleman won the prize on the game and revealed that there was a good dose of beginner's luck involved in his instant win. Despite regularly picking his numbers for Lotto and EuroMillions using the National Lottery app, he had never before played any of the instant win games.

He said: “I won a few quid a couple of weeks ago on the Lotto draw, nothing major mind you, but I withdrew that and left enough to play my numbers a few times on the next couple of draws. I had a spare €6 and just thought I’d give Sunny Money a go, seeing as it had been raining all day! I could not believe it when I saw all the zeros. It’s an amazing feeling”.

The lucky Dub will put his new-found funds towards treating his children and grandchildren for Christmas.

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