Couple give Lotto win to grandchildren

Couple give Lotto win to grandchildren

A retired couple from Ashbourne, Co. Meath have decided to give their €172,223 Lotto win to their grandchildren, after winning the Lotto Match 5 + Bonus prize on Saturday 07 January 2017.

"We were lying in bed on Sunday morning, drinking coffee whilst listening to the news on the radio and I heard the newsreader call out my Lotto numbers. I knew the Lotto wasn’t won but I was sure I had heard quite a few of my numbers called out but I didn’t say anything to my husband until I was sure. Later that morning after mass, we went to the shop to check our ticket and I just couldn’t believe it when I was told we had won €172,223."

Unselfishly, the winning couple have no plans on spending any of the money on themselves and will instead divide their prize amongst their family,

"We have decided to give all of the money to our grandchildren who are only starting out in life. They are going through school and college at the moment and we know they will need the money much more than we do"







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