Cork #Legendboy wins €20,000 online on Money Multiplier Digital 5X

Cork #Legendboy wins €20,000 online on Money Multiplier Digital 5X

Cork Man Gavin Conaghan has picked up a cheque from National Lottery headquarters for €20,000 after winning top prize on the online game, Money Multiplier Digital 5X.

Gavin and his partner Aine visited National Lottery Headquarters to pick up their cheque having enjoyed an extra-long weekend of celebrations after hitting the jackpot online on Saturday evening. “I was down to the last €2 in my online account that evening and Aine had only just said the day before that we may give up on the lotto as we’ll never win. So I played that last €2 on Money Multiplier and just couldn’t believe it when I saw the zeros and the comma appearing across the screen.”

The delighted young Cork couple who are planning their nuptials next year couldn’t be more ecstatic with their win and are looking forward to celebrating with friends and family throughout the week.

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