Brotherly love at National Lottery HQ

Brotherly love at National Lottery HQ

A €25,000 Scratch Card winner has decided to share his winnings with his older brother, who he followed to live in Ireland. Anton Danca, from Romania, expressed his joy at landing the €25,000 Scratch Card win and said: "The first thing I thought of when I won is that I am going to give my brother €5,000. He is my only brother so it is important to me that I share my luck with him.”

The win could not have come at a better time for Anton Danca, who is about to fly home to Iași in Romania on a three week holiday to visit family and friends.

Anton’s brother Joe first moved to Ireland ten years ago, and Anton followed him over five years later. Both men work in construction and live together in the North Strand area in Dublin. The winning scratch card was bought in the Spar Five Lamps store in North Strand.

When Anton called into the National Lottery headquarters to claim his €25,000 All Cash Spectacular scratch card win he declared he was going to pay his older brother back for all his support by sharing some of his luck with him.

Anton said: “I am so happy and shocked to have won €25,000. I still cannot believe it.

Before the win, both men had booked flights to leave the Dublin rain to return home for three weeks to see family and friends. The windfall will be a big help on the holiday.

When asked what else he plans on doing with his winnings, Anton said that he will relax for a few days and let it all settle in when he arrives home to see his family. Then he will decide what else to spend it on.

“Now I am sharing this with Joe, he will have to share any future wins with me!” Anton joked as he was presented with his winner’s cheque.

While it is entirely up to you whether you share your winnings with your siblings, there is currently (as of 4th July, 2017) an estimated €24 million still available to win on the full suite of National Lottery All Cash scratch cards:

Scratch Cards can be bought from any official National Lottery retailer.



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