EuroMillions Reaches €190 Million Jackpot

EuroMillions Reaches €190 Million Jackpot

EuroMillions Jackpot Reaches

€190 Million on Tuesday, Oct 3rd


The EuroMillions jackpot has rolled over on Tuesday, October 3rd to a record matching jackpot maximum top prize of €190 Million.

Under the EuroMillions community rules, the jackpot is capped at €190m and any excess which would normally be allocated to the jackpot will flow down to the next prize tier at which there are winners.

As the jackpot was not won at the cap of €190m on Tuesday it will remain capped at €190m for up to a further four draws, with any excess jackpot value flowing down to the next prize tier with a winner.  On the fifth draw at cap, if the jackpot is still not won the full value of the jackpot can flow down to the next tier with a prize winner.

For full EuroMillions Game Rules please click here 

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