Tweet @National Lottery

Tweet National Lottery

Like to get National Lottery results with a tweet?

Welcome to Tweet @NationalLottery, the great new Twitter service from the National Lottery!

  1. Follow @NationalLottery.
  2. Tweet #Results and the game hashtag to get results:
  3. Tweet hashtag Results

    #Results & #Lotto or #LT

    #Results & #EuroMillions or #EM

    #Results & #DailyMillion or #DM

  4. We’ll then send you the latest results for that game:
  5. Tweet National Lottery Results Message


    To get the most up to date list of commands and interactions Tweet #Help

  6. Can’t think of any numbers? Tweet us using the Crystal Ball emoji and game hashtag to receive a random set of numbers for your game. For example:
  7. Tweet Crystal Ball Emoji at National Lottery


    It’s as easy as that. Want to know if you’re in luck?
    You know who to Tweet!

    National Lottery Team