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Spend Limits

Did you know you can set and adjust limits to how much you get to spend on National Lottery digital channels?

How does it work?

All players of online National Lottery products have, by default, preset limits on how much money they can spend on our games per day, week, and month.

If, for example, you were to reach your weekly Spend Limit you wouldn’t be permitted to play until the week after.

Preset Limits for all online players

When you open an account with us you will have Spend Limits set by default, which define maximum amounts that you can spend on Lottery products for given periods. These are set to €75 per day, €300 per week, and €900 per month.

Setting your own limits

You can also set custom Spend Limits. However, you can only set them to amounts lower than the preset values, not higher.

Define your budget

Use the budget calculator here to decide what you can afford to lose and set that amount as your spend limit, this will ensure that you never go above the amount you can afford to lose.

What happens when I change the amount?

Lowering a spend limit takes effect immediately. If you want increase a spend limit it will take 24 hours before it takes effect.  Once you have changed your limits, no further changes can be made for at least 24 hours.

 Set your spend limits

Set Spend Limits

Help is available

If you're worried about yourself or someone you know there is a variety of tools and support available.

Visit Problem Gambling Ireland or call them for support on 089 241 5401

Visit Gamblers Anonymous or call them for support on 01 872 1133

The Rutland Centre Support Helpline, Concerned about your play or spend? For free, independent and professional help call: 1800 446 677 (9am to 11pm);
or visit: www.responsibleplay.ie

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