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ID Verification

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to open an account or to play National Lottery Online. To make sure all our players are 18 or over, we ask that you prove your age.

How does it work?

To verify your ID all you need is a valid driver’s license or passport, and a working smartphone to take a picture of it and upload. Our system will then compare it against what we have in our system, and, if consistent, will tag the account as verified.

Why do I need to verify my Account?

As Ireland’s Lottery provider we have a responsibility to stop people who are underage from using our products, to protect them. Early gambling experiences, including lottery play may be a risk factor for later problem gambling.

We therefore ask that all our online players verify their accounts so that we can ensure that no minors are at risk.

Verifying new players

Anyone who opens an account with us is now required to verify their account at the time of registration. Prospective players who don't provide us with the information we need to verify that they are of age are prevented from opening an online account and playing National Lottery games online.

Verifying existing players

If you are one of the players who opened their accounts before the current ID verification system was in place, you will be prompted to verify your account in due course.

 Is your account verified?

Click below to go to your account page to see if you need to verify your account.

ID Verification

Help is available

If you're worried about yourself or someone you know there is a variety of tools and support available.

Visit Problem Gambling Ireland or call them for support on 089 241 5401

Visit Gamblers Anonymous or call them for support on 01 872 1133

The Rutland Centre Support Helpline, Concerned about your play or spend? For free, independent and professional help call: 1800 446 677 (9am to 11pm);
or visit: www.responsibleplay.ie

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