A Lotto Joy: Winners from Kerry, Kilkenny & Meath sweep a combined €3 Million at Lotto HQ today!

“I hadn't a clue I’d won anything, he then said congratulations on becoming a Millionaire”– Meath woman in shock after big win!

There was a Lotto Joy in Lotto HQ this afternoon as a whopping €3 Million was claimed from players all over the country who all scooped the Lotto Plus 1 top prize worth €1,000,000. 

A family syndicate was first in the door to pick up their cheque for €1 Million which they won in Wednesday’s 12th of July Lotto Plus 1 draw.  

The syndicate from Co. Kilkenny, were on their holidays in Clifden, Co. Galway when they purchased their winning ticket in Kavanagh’s Supervalu, situated in the heart of the scenic coastal town. 

The syndicate manager revealed the moment she realised they’d won the incredible prize: “I looked up the numbers on the National Lottery website and it started to register with me that I’ve got the same winning numbers on my ticket. I couldn’t keep this news to myself for a second longer, so I rang my husband straight away and told him I’ve important news to tell him and that he better be sitting down! That’s when I said, we’ve just won €1 Million in the Lotto! He didn’t believe me at all at first until he saw the ticket himself later, it was a real shock for us all”, she said. 

A big celebration has been organised for later this month where the family will gather for a trad session to mark their win. A holiday to Portugal, luxury spa trips and a brand-new handbag is just some of the ways in which the family wish to spend their winnings. 

Also claiming a substantial amount at Lottery HQ today was a woman from Co. Meath who scooped the Lotto Plus 1 top prize in Wednesday’s 28th of June draw worth a whopping €1,000,000. 

The winner from the ‘Royal County’, has been playing the same numbers for the past 18 years, purchased the winning ticket online on the National Lottery app. 

The young woman described how she didn’t even realise she’d won the prize at all until the National Lottery claims team called her. 

 “I was out and about shopping in town when I missed a call from a random Dublin number. I rang them back and got through to the National Lottery Claims team where I was asked if I was aware that I’d won a substantial prize in the Lotto Plus draw. I said no, I hadn't a clue I’d won anything, he then said congratulations on becoming a millionaire, you’ve won €1 Million! I genuinely had an out of body experience, it was surreal!”, she said. 

“I actually didn’t get a chance to tell my husband until the next day with all the errands, and running around with the kids, but he was as cool as a cucumber when I eventually did tell him. He shrugged it off and was like ‘that's cool, that’s grand’, she laughed, “maybe he was in a little bit of shock too”.

The winner is looking forward to a nice family holiday and setting their children up for the future.   

A female tourist got her holiday in Kerry off to a winning start after she scooped €1 Million after winning the top prize in the Wednesday’s, 26th July Lotto Plus 1 draw. 

The European visitor who is due to return home next month, is still in complete shock over the win.  

“I just read the numbers over and over again. I thought this is impossible, there must be a mistake! But when I called up the National Lottery, they confirmed it's all true and that I am now a Millionaire. It’s a dream come true”, She said. 

The tourist, who wishes to remain private, purchased the winning ticket in Murphy’s Supervalu on Railway Road in Kenmare. 

“I’ve no immediate plans yet for the money, but I do hope to purchase a house in the future. For the moment, I just want to keep life as normal as possible”, she added.  

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