Three National Lottery players claim almost €900,000 in Lotto HQ!

Kerry man claims €500,000 EuroMillions Plus top prize from December draw

Better late than never! Laois Lotto player claims €263,058 with just over three weeks to go until claim deadline! 

Clare player claims €100,000 Millionaire Raffle prize


The Winners Room in Lotto HQ saw three life-changing winners pop in today and leave Lotto HQ with incredible prizes.  

A Kerry man was delighted to collect his €500,000 top prize which he won in the EuroMillions Plus draw on Friday 15th December. The winning ticket was purchased at the Tesco store in Tralee. 

“Do you know that I actually did realise that I had won the top prize back at the time of the draw but I decided to take my time to collect it. I’m not sure what it was but it’s such a huge amount so I wanted to have a think about it and come to terms with the win. It certainly isn’t something that happens everyday! The very first thing I did was sign the back of the ticket and hid it away in the middle of a book in a drawer at home.”  

“I am over the moon and hoping now that I have the cheque in my hand that it might sink in properly so I can plan what to do next. It’s still like a dream at the moment to be even sitting here,” he said. 

Meanwhile, another Laois man had his family to thank for his good Lotto fortune after he claimed a prize worth €263,058, over two months after the draw on Saturday 25th November. 

The relieved Laois man told how he would have missed out on his prize entirely had it not been for one of his family members spotting a post about the unclaimed Lotto prize on social media: 

“I buy Lotto tickets every week but I have a very peculiar and probably a very bad habit…. I never ever check them if I hear there is no winner of the Jackpot and also if the Jackpot was won elsewhere in the country. Luckily, I didn’t throw out the ticket because that would have been a very expensive mistake. Last Monday night, the family frantically searched the house for old tickets, scanning old and expired tickets on their phone but eventually one of the tickets scanned and made an extra loud noise letting us know it was a winner – we knew we had it then, it was incredible.” 

“I’ve definitely learned my lesson and my advice to any other Lotto player in the country is to check their tickets regardless of the results – because you just never know. We’re going to have a great family celebration over the coming days and I’m looking forward to putting a plan together to share the entire prize out among the entire family – it’s the least I could do because I’d have missed out otherwise if it weren’t for them,” he said. 

Meanwhile, another Co. Clare player took their time in claiming another huge Lottery prize after they collected a €100,000 Millionaire Raffle prize from 31st December 2023. The winning ticket was purchased at the Daybreak Store in Drumgeely, Shannon, Co. Clare. 

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