Two National Lottery online players from Donegal and Louth share €105,000 in prizes

Tonight’s Lotto jackpot rolls towards €11.5 million (est)

Two lucky online players from Donegal and Louth were delighted to claim the top prizes on two different instant win games that they played on

The biggest winner of the two players was a Donegal woman who had a serious case of beginner’s luck when she won the top prize of €75,000 playing the €5 Digital All Cash Platinum game. “I had never played that game before but I heard someone mention it and thought I’d give it a go. I couldn’t believe it when I won the top prize on my first time ever playing. I was convinced that it had to be a joke and someone was messing with me. I was thinking that there was no way that it could be real but here we are,” she said.

The Donegal online winner is taking her time to make plans for what to do next: “I’ll definitely look after my family and treat them to something nice but I’ll have to think about what I would like to do after lockdown. I won’t rush into anything just yet,” she said.

The second winner was a Louth woman who could not believe her luck when she won €30,000 on the €3 online Honeypot game. “I was in total shock when I saw the €30,000 on the screen. I play the game about once a week and usually win small amounts, here and there. When I saw the top prize flash up, I was in total disbelief – it definitely is the most I’ve ever won playing online! It seems that bit more real now since receiving my cheque but I haven’t told anyone just yet – it’s a tough secret to keep,” she said.

The online player is looking forward to putting her winnings to good use now: “Well we can’t go on holidays or anything like that at the moment with Covid so home refurbishments will take centre stage. There are a few bits that I’ve been wanting to do for a while around the house so I’m delighted to get those started and to treat the family to a few nice things as well - it’s certainly a good time for a win.”

Meanwhile, tonight’s Lotto jackpot is rolling towards an estimated €11.5 million. The National Lottery is urging players to buy their tickets early and to follow the social distancing measures in place while doing so. Tickets can be purchased in-store, in-app or on until the deadline at 7.45pm tonight.

Nearly 30 cent in every €1 spent on all National Lottery games goes back to Good Causes in the areas of sport, youth, health, welfare, education, arts, heritage, and the Irish Language. In total more than €5.8 Billion has been raised for Good Causes since the National Lottery was established 33 years ago. In 2020 alone, €254 million was raised for local Good Causes in communities across Ireland.