A Bumper beginning to the New Year with over €1 Million claimed at Lotto HQ this week!

Kilkenny online player claims €1 Million top prize from 23rd December draw

Sligo player wins €300,000 on a Scratch Card which they received as a Christmas present!


Two National Lottery players have gotten their year off to a memorable start by collecting life-changing cheques in Lotto HQ this week.

The online player from Kilkenny who scooped the top prize of €1 Million in the Lotto Plus 1 draw on Saturday 23rd December was delighted to make the trip to Dublin to collect their incredible winnings.

“I got the notification about the win after the draw but it was a few hours before I actually checked the ticket properly. I logged in and didn’t think anything of it initially but when I clicked into the ticket itself and saw all the zeroes looking back at me, my face dropped. Never did I imagine that I’d have a big win, let alone a €1 Million big win. What a time of the year to get it as well. It was the night before Christmas Eve so the preparations were already underway for the big day and of course, they still had to continue so after the shock eventually eased, it was back to prepping.”

With Christmas out of the way, the Kilkenny winner is looking forward to getting 2024 off to a celebratory start.

“We will definitely be starting our year off with a celebration. The plan is to hopefully take a holiday soon and let our good news sink in. I certainly didn’t imagine January working out like this but I’m certainly glad that it is.”

Also claiming a huge prize from Lotto HQ today were an ecstatic family from Co. Sligo who claimed a €300,000 prize on a €15 All Cash Gift Scratch Card which they received as a Christmas present! The delighted family told how they realised their €300,000 win on Christmas Eve. “It’s been a crazy week! It was Christmas Eve and we received the Scratch Card in a Christmas card. Over the break, we have been staring at the ticket non-stop because we can’t believe we could have won €300,000 on a Scratch Card which was a Christmas present! It’s incredible.”  

The winning scratch card was sold at the Londis store on Cleveragh Road in Sligo Town.

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