Mount Merrion Millionaire claims €2.3m in National Lottery HQ

Dublin player is one of three recent Lottery jackpot winners made within 10 days of each other

There a great sense of excitement and disbelief in the National Lottery’s Winners Room this afternoon after a family syndicate claimed their Lotto Jackpot prize worth an incredible €2.3 Million.

The family, who wish to remain private, spoke of how they felt when they found out they’d won the incredible prize: “I didn’t actually believe it until I saw the physical cheque in front of me today. I thought someone was going to tell me that this was all a big joke! I’ve never seen so many zero’s in my life, it looked more like a bank account number than real money!”, one of the syndicate members said.

“We’re just looking forward to clearing off the mortgage and doing some repairs to the house. We’ve no other big plans yet, we’re just going to keep the heads cool and keep life as normal as possible”, another syndicate member added.

The Dublin player, who purchased their quick pick Lotto ticket worth €2.3 million at XL on The Rise in Mount Merrion, is one of three recent Lottery jackpot winners made within 10 days of each other.

A spokesperson in the National Lottery said: “It’s been an incredibly exciting time for National Lottery players, with THREE Lotto Jackpot winner’s being made within in the past five draws. This recent spate of back-to-back streak of Lotto Jackpot wins started off on the 5th of October, when a player from Co. Meath scooped the jackpot worth a whopping €8.9 Million. The following Wednesday saw a player, who purchased their ticket in Mount Merrion, score the Jackpot of €2.3 Million. And only three days later, a third player, from Co. Wexford won the amazing €2 million Lotto jackpot on offer in Saturday’s (15th of October) draw”. We can confirm that the Meath winner has made contact with our Claims Department, but we’re still yet to hear from the Wexford player who scooped €2 Million. We are urging all of our player in Wexford to check their tickets carefully and if you are one of the winners, sign the back of the ticket and contact our prize claims team as soon as possible.”

As there was no winner in Wednesday’s (19th October) Lotto jackpot, Saturday’s jackpot is set to roll to an estimated €2.5 Million.

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