Meath work syndicate claims €1 million at National Lottery HQ

“I brought the winning ticket to bed with me”

There was plenty of cheering and celebrating in the National Lottery’s winners' room this afternoon (Thursday 9th February) when a work syndicate of thirteen from Co. Meath claimed their EuroMillions raffle prize worth an incredible €1 Million. 

The syndicate purchased their winning quick pick ticket on the day of the draw in Centra, Nobber, Co. Meath. The group pulled up to National Lottery HQ in style this afternoon in a party bus, full of excitement. 

The head of the group syndicate revealed to the National Lottery the story behind the winning ticket: “We’ve been running the syndicate since 2016 and we play every week. I always buy a ticket on a Friday, but I never usually check it until we’re all in the office together on a Monday. However, this was a Bank Holiday weekend and I had heard that the shop where I purchased the ticket sold one worth €1 Million, so by Monday, curiosity got the better of me and I checked it. Well low and behold, it said we won big, and I started ringing some of the syndicate members straight away!  It then dawned on me that I had been walking around with a ticket in my bag for three days worth €1 Million! That night, I brought the winning ticket to bed with me and kept it under my pillow, I wasn’t letting it out of my clutches," they said. 

The syndicate has been running for seven years but this latest win is their biggest yet, with each member scooping over €76,000 each.

Local retailers in Burnfoot Co. Donegal and Nobber Co. Meath celebrate €1 million EuroMillions wins! 
National Lottery continues to appeal to players in winning locations to check their tickets   
The National Lottery have confirmed the winning selling locations of the two winning tickets in Friday night’s (February 3rd) special EuroMillions Raffle draw which are worth €1 million each. The EuroMillions Raffle draw guaranteed that 100 EuroMillions players across all nine participating countries would each win one of the €1 million raffle prizes.  
The Meath player purchased their winning quick pick ticket now worth €1 million in Centra situated in the small village of Nobber, Co. Meath. Centra Store Owner Rodney Dolan (centre) celebrates here today with staff at the store tofday.  Pic: Mac Innes Photography

Rodney Dolan and his staff at Centra, Nobber in Co. Meath are pictured celebrating after their shop was named as the selling location for one of Friday’s three €1 Million EuroMillions raffle wins

“We’ve won a couple of hundred euros here or there, but to win €1 million is the stuff of dreams. The craic we’ve had over the past couple of days has been brilliant, we’ve barely got any work done with all the excitement! It’s so special to share this money with a group like this and to know that so many families will benefit from this”, another syndicate member added. 

A new car, some home improvements and clearing off mortgages are just some of the things syndicate members wish to do with their new prize money. 

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