Winners Round up – May 2023

Here are some of our biggest winners from May!

Two new millionaires were made in the month of May after players from Kildare and Donegal scooped the Daily Million top prize of €1,000,000! The players became the 13th and 14th National Lottery millionaires of the year. The month of May also saw one EuroMillions Plus top prize winner of €500,000 and three players scoop the Lotto Plus 2 top prize of €250,000.

Compiled from National Lottery claims data with all prizes totaling 15,000 and above. 10,000 and above for online winners. This may include more than one prize won on an individual ticket.


It was an exciting month for Lotto players which saw THREE winners of Lotto Plus 2 Top prize worth €250,000 in the month of May.

The month kicked off with a win on May 3rd when player from Dublin matched 5 numbers and the bonus in that Wednesday’s Lotto draw to scoop €135,980. The player purchased their winning quick pick ticket on the day of the draw at Mace in Sandymount, Co. Dublin.

Three days later in Saturday’s May 6th Lotto draw , three separate players from Dublin (2) and Kildare matched 5 number and the bonus to win €18,285 each. One winning ticket was sold at Centra in Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre, Co Dublin. The second winning ticket was purchased at Newstime Manor Road, Palmerstown, Dublin 10 and the third winning ticket was purchased online or on the National Lottery app.

In the following Lotto draw on Wednesday 10th of May, a player from Kilkenny matched 5 numbers and the bonus to score €42,531. The winning ticket was sold at Supervalu in Loughboy Shopping Centre, Kilkenny.

On the 13th of May, a Galway clan scooped the Lotto Plus 2 top prize worth €250,000 in that Saturday’s Lotto draw. The syndicate, who wish to keep their win private, purchased the winning quick pick ticket in the Fancy Fare store in Salthill, Co. Galway. The family discovered they’d won the jackpot prize two days after the draw. One of the syndicate members checked the winning numbers while sitting in their car; “I just thought I’d go on and have a look at the numbers. I started reading them and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I closed my eyes, then opened them and read the numbers over and over again. My stomach jumped and my whole body started to shake. I rang my other family members straight away to share the news and there was laughing, cheering and crying. Just pure joy and excitement”. 

The winning ticket holder revealed the creative place in which they hid their ticket to keep it safe before travelling up to Lotto HQ to claim their prize.  

“I was thinking where on earth am I going to hide this ticket, so I locked it in my filing cabinet until the day we had to travel up to the National Lottery to pick up the cheque. I then carefully transferred the ticket from the cabinet into my handbag and it was only when I was walking around Dublin, I realised that my cheap handbag worth €5 was now carrying around a ticket in it worth €250,000!”, they added. The syndicate are looking forward to sharing the prize with the wider family circle who are sure to appreciate it. 

It was a weekend to remember for one Sligo player who scooped the Lotto Plus 2 top prize the following week worth €250,000. The player purchased the winning ticket online.

On Saturday 27th of May there were sure to be songs in the hills of Donegal as a player from Moville also scooped the Lotto Plus 2 Top prize worth a quarter of a million euro. The winning quick pick ticket was sold at the Doherty’s Centra store in Moville in Co. Donegal.  

Daily Million

In the month of May, two National Lottery players from Donegal and Kildare scooped the Daily Million top prize of €1 Million.

The winners from Kildare, who wish to keep their win private, are a family syndicate of seven, which was set up back in 2016.  “I always thought if I was fortunate to win – I'd love to share it”, said the head of the group syndicate. “What’s crazy was, I took a notion on that Tuesday to play the Daily Millions game and for some reason, I’ve no idea why, but I took out a line and put one with all the numbers of our birthdays on it. It’s just wild to think that flippant decision resulted in us winning €1 Million!”, he added.

The syndicate purchased their winning ticket for Tuesday, 23rd May's draw on the National Lottery app.

“I actually thought it was a hoax when I went on to the app and saw I’d won €1 Million. All those zeros – it just couldn’t be real! But I contacted the National Lottery Prize Claims Team the following morning and they confirmed it all for me. I rang up the rest of the syndicate and it's safe to say they all had different reactions! Some we’re in complete disbelief, some shouted expletives on the phone to me and some cried!” laughed the head of the group syndicate.

The family are looking forward to hosting a private celebration amongst themselves to mark the momentous occasion. 

“It’s a real feel-good factor to share something like this with family”, another syndicate member added.

“I won’t charge for babysitting all of your kids anymore”, laughed another.

Meanwhile, the Daily Million winner who scooped the top prize of €1 million in the 16th May 9pm draw also popped into Lotto HQ to claim their life-changing sum. The winning ticket was purchased at Kelly’s Centra, Mountain Top in Letterkenny. The winner admitted that it was a few days before they even realized just how much their ticket was worth: “I was walking around with the ticket in my pocket for a few days before I even checked it. I had no idea it was a winner and no clue how much it was actually worth. I decided to scan it on the app, not thinking anything of it, and then saw the pop-up message saying ‘Congratulations’. It didn’t say how much I had won so I called the Claims team from there and the rest is history.” 

EuroMillions Plus

In the month of May there was one winner of the EuroMillions Plus top prize worth €500,000. A family syndicate from Kildare collected their cheque worth half a million euro, which they won in the EuroMillions Plus draw on Friday, 19th May. The syndicate, who wish to remain private, spoke of what they did when they found out they’d won the incredible prize: “I checked the ticket on the app and thought I’d won €500. I was absolutely delighted! I got another family member to come and check my phone to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me, and they were because I’d won €500,000!”, said the ticketholder. “I thought she was pulling one of these Tik Tok pranks on me”, chirped the other syndicate member. “She was just way too calm”. It’s business as usual for the Kildare syndicate, who hope to keep life going as normal as ever. “We’ve no plans yet, just really letting it all sink in. We’re very much looking forward to sharing the money with family to help them out”, they added. The winning EuroMillions Plus ticket worth €500,000 was purchased on the National Lottery app.   

Telly Bingo

During the month of May, we saw three Snowball winners in Telly Bingo from Co. Cork. On Tuesday 9th of May the first player from Co. Cork scooped the Telly Bingo Snowball prize worth €50,005. The player purchased their winning ticket in O’Donovans in Bandon, Co Cork. On Friday, 26th of May the Snowball Prize was won and shared between 2 winners, each receiving €27,510. One of the winning tickets was sold at SuperValu in Midleton, Co Cork and the second  winning ticket was purchased at Dunnes Stores in Ballyvolane Shopping Centre in Cork City.

Scratch Cards

The month of May saw some incredible Scratch Card wins, with eleven players sharing an incredible €535,000. This included a whopping €250,000 on a Mega Money Multiplier Scratch Card sold at Circle K, Kilnamanagh in Tallaght, Dublin 24. €30,000 was won on a Cashword Doubler Scratch Card purchased at Centra, 51 Kilbarrack Road, Kilbarrack, Dublin 5. Another player from Dublin won €30,000 on an All Cash Tripler Scratch Card which the bought in Maxol in Fairview, Dublin 3. €25,000 was won on a Mega Money Multiplier Scratch Card by a player from Clare who purchased their Scratch Card in Spar in Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare. A player from the Rebel County scored €25,000 on a Money Multiplier Scratch Card sold at Spar in Wilton, Co Cork.

A player from Co. Tipperary won a handsome €45,000 playing Fire 4’s Ice 5s Scratch Card bought at Top Oil, Dublin Road, Cahir, Co Tipperary. €15,000 was won on an All Cash Gift Scratch Card by a player in Galway, sold at Circle K in Kilcolgan. Co Galway. €10,000 was won on an All Cash Platinum Scratch Card by a player in Dublin.

A player from Co. Sligo won €25,000 on a Mega Money Multiplier ticket which they purchased at Centra Knappaugh Road, Co.Sligo

And rounding up the month of wins, two online players won big on Scratch Card games on the National Lottery’s website. This included an incredible €50,000 win by a player from Dublin on the Cash Showdown game and a €30,000 win by a player in Cork on Zap Out.