Winners Round Up – March 2021

Here are some of our big March winners!

The month of March gave us an extra hour in our evenings and with it, it brought an end to a seemingly very long winter! It also put a pep in the step to thousands of National Lottery winners who won big in our games.

Check out all our winners that have won high tier prizes in the chart below for the month of March.



* Compiled from National Lottery claims data with all prizes of €15,000 and above (€10,000 for online winners) from 1st – 31st March 2021.

While we had no Lotto jackpot winners in March, four players from Kildare, Dublin, Galway and Longford came agonisingly close to hitting the jackpot by winning the Match 5 + Bonus prize in the last number of weeks. Did you know that our Lotto Match 5 + Bonus prize tier rolls just like our main Lotto jackpot prize? Independently of the main Lotto jackpot prize, for each draw that there is no winner of the Lotto Match 5 + Bonus prize, the prize fund is carried forward in each draw until there is a winner.

Don’t forget, we also topped up our Lotto Raffle on Saturday 6th March to the tune of an extra €1 million. In all, 113 lucky players throughout the country each won €9,350!

It was another big month for our EuroMillions Plus game which saw four separate winners of the top prize of €500,000 in Dublin (2), Monaghan (online) and Westmeath. When our lucky Monaghan player claimed their incredible prize through our postal claims process, they told us how they reacted to receiving the email which alerted them to their €500,000 prize win.

They said: “The email said I had ‘exciting news’ but I automatically assumed it was for one of the smaller prizes so I wasn’t all that excited initially. When I logged into my account, my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw that I had won half a million euro. It never even crossed my mind that there would be a chance it could be an amount like that!” The lucky Monaghan winner is in the midst of planning on how to spend their winnings when lockdown finally ends!

March also saw an incredible five near misses of a EuroMillions jackpot winner in Ireland after players from Cork (3), Dublin and Longford won the Match 5 + Lucky Star prize on offer. All these five players matched all 5 numbers and one lucky star, meaning that they were one lucky star (numbered between 1-12) off claiming the overall jackpot.

And we are still waiting to hear from one of these lucky winners from Cork. If you are an online player from Co. Cork and you bought a ticket for the draw on Friday 5th March – please check your emails because we have sent details on how you can claim your prize of €267,995!

It was yet another amazing month for several of our big Scratch Card and online ‘Instant Win Game’ players which saw 15 individual players win €715,000 in high tier wins.

Have you ever thought what it would feel like to scratch off a panel on your scratch card only to find out you have instantly won a quarter of a million euro? Our biggest scratch card winner of the month told us what happened when they purchased their €10 Money Multiplier 40X at their local service station in Kill, Co. Kildare.

The delighted Kildare player said, “I was laughing to myself in disbelief when I initially scratched the scratch card. The €250,000 was the first number that I scratched off – never in a million years did I expect that! It was a tough drive home after seeing that. I had to keep checking that it was actually real. And then trying to convince my family that I wasn’t joking about my stroke of luck was another thing altogether.”

Among our big ‘Instant Win Game’ winners were three separate online players from Cork, Donegal and Louth who shared a combined €115,000 in high tier prizes in our online games.

The biggest winner of the three players was a Donegal woman who had a serious case of beginner’s luck when she won the top prize of €75,000 playing the €5 Digital All Cash Platinum game. She said: “I had never played that game before but I heard someone mention it and thought I’d give it a go. I couldn’t believe it when I won the top prize on my first time ever playing. I was convinced that it had to be a joke and someone was messing with me. I was thinking that there was no way that it could be real but here we are.”

If you were one of these lucky winners, a huge congrats from everybody here. Best of luck to everybody playing next month. Who knows…It could be you.