“I had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming!” – Louth syndicate claim €2.4 million Lotto jackpot

Tonight’s EuroMillions jackpot set to roll towards €40 million (est)

A syndicate from Louth were overjoyed to arrive at Lotto HQ this week to claim their €2,418,002 fortune after having a Saturday night to remember last weekend. The Wee County winners scooped the life-changing amount in the 15th July Lotto draw after purchasing their winning ticket at Tesco in the Longwalk shopping centre in Dundalk. 

The latest jackpot winners admitted that they were in total shock when they saw their numbers appear on screen: “I was watching the draw live and ticking our numbers off as they came out. I really couldn’t believe it when all of our numbers were on the screen in front of me! I was checking and double checking and checking again. I had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! It’s surreal to think that we were the only people in the entire country to have the winning numbers last weekend.” 

“For a few weeks, I was actually thinking of stopping the syndicate. There’s a lot of organizing that goes into it and we had never won big before so I was thinking to myself, is it really worth it? We decided to keep going with it for the time being and thank goodness we did. Imagine if we had have given up – we certainly wouldn’t be sitting here in the Winners Room, that’s for sure,” they said. 

The Louth winners believe that the rain last week helped them to become Ireland’s newest Lotto jackpot winners: “I feel like the awful weather last week played a big part in our win. As I got to the shop to buy our Quick Pick ticket, the rain was pouring down so there wasn’t a chance I was getting out of the car in that. I had to sit and wait for a while to let it ease off. To think, if it hadn’t have been such a wet and dreary day, I might have ended up going into the shop even earlier which could have resulted in us not getting our particular Quick Pick ticket. It was obviously meant to be!” 

18/7/23 13th Last weekend's winning lottery ticket for €2.4 million, was sold at Tesco's at the Long Walk Shopping Centre in Dundalk, Co Louth. Pictured are: Wendy Dwyer (left), Pauline McCartney, Shirley O'Hanlon, Paul McGuinness, Tesco manager, Simon Reenan, National Lottery regional sales manager, Iyobsa Oatabar, Margaret Woods and Eva Aspin Ravda. Pictures: Arthur Carron  / Mac Innes Photography

Photo Caption: Staff at Tesco in the Long Walk Shopping Centre in Dundalk, Co. Louth were celebrating after it was announced that their store sold last Saturday's winning Lotto jackpot ticket worth €2,418,002.

Meanwhile, tonight’s EuroMillions Jackpot is set to roll towards an estimated €40 million. Players dreaming of becoming the next big winners to visit Lotto HQ are advised that tickets can be purchased ahead of the 7.30pm cut-off time for sales in-store, at www.lottery.ie or through the National Lottery app. 

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