Limerick syndicate collect incredible €5.6 Million Lotto jackpot prize!

Two Lotto Jackpot wins for the treaty so far this year

It was a family affair to remember for one Limerick syndicate who travelled up to the big smoke this afternoon to collect their Lotto jackpot winnings worth an amazing €5.6 Million.

The family syndicate from Limerick was set up nine years ago and started off with a random quick pick line which the family then decided to keep after growing fond of the numbers. The winning ticket was purchased on the National Lottery app.

“We started this family syndicate in January of 2014 just for a bit of fun and something that would bring us together. On the night we won, I checked the app and saw straight away that we’d matched all of the numbers, I elbowed my wife and said, we’re after winning the Lotto Jackpot and she didn’t even flinch. Cool as a cucumber she said: “Just give me the money, I’ll be sure to spend it”, the lead syndicate member laughed.

“You were slow enough to tell the rest of us, we didn’t get a call until the following day”, added another syndicate member. “A group WhatsApp call was organised and we were then all told the amazing news. We thought this was a joke and they were having us on! We were just in complete disbelief, and still were until we saw the physical cheque in front of us today”, they said.

The family syndicate are looking forward to bringing their cheque back to Limerick where a small celebration will take place tonight.

Clearing off mortgages, upgrading cars and some holidays of a lifetime are just some of the ways in which syndicate wish to spend their winnings.

This is the second Lotto Jackpot win in Limerick so far this year, after another syndicate scooped an incredible €11,106,438 on the 4th of January after purchasing their winning ticket in Kelly’s Costcutter on Main Street in Foynes.

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