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Limerick player claims Lotto prize worth €194,994

It was a family occasion to remember at Lotto HQ in Dublin City today (Thursday) as a player from Co. Limerick claimed their Lotto match 5 plus bonus prize worth an incredible €194,994.

The player, who wishes to remain private, divulged what happened the night they discovered they’d won the amazing prize. “I nearly forgot to buy the ticket, I rushed down to the shop minutes before the deadline. When the numbers started coming out, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I turned to a family member and said I think we’ve won the lotto!” they said.

“I can’t say the exact language I used because there were a few expletives, but let’s just say I was completely stunned! This will make retirement a lot more comfortable for us”, the family member added.  

The player purchased their winning ticket worth €194,994 on the day of the draw in Mace, Ballylanders, Co. Limerick on Saturday the 7th of January.

When asked what they might spend their winnings on, the winner replied, “We hope to get a few home improvements done because we’ve been putting them on the long finger. We also hope to go on our first ever sun holiday! We’ve only ever been as far as the UK”, they said.  

Meanwhile, there was no winner of last night’s (11th January) Lotto Jackpot which was worth €2.3 Million, which means Saturday’s jackpot now rolls to an estimated €2.8 Million.   

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