Kilkenny family lands €200,000 scratch card win!

All Cash Spectacular 200k Winner Kilkenny

It was a spectacular day for a lucky couple from south Kilkenny who claimed a life-changing €200,000 scratch card win from National Lottery offices in Dublin.

The couple, who bought their winning €10 All Cash Spectacular scratch card at Blanchfield’s Centra store in Mooncoin, declared they will use their winnings to pay off their mortgage.


The winning husband said: “I buy the same scratch card every week and win a few bob here and there but never believed that I was going to win this kind of money. I scratched the card in the car after I bought it in the shop and one of my numbers came up as a winner. I then realised it had the €200,000 symbol beside it! I contacted my wife straight away and she told me that I was talking nonsense that I could not have won anything like this! It’s only sinking in with her now!”he smiled.

The Kilkenny couple plan to use their win to clear their mortgage. 

“We had a long think about what we would do with the money and we have decided to pay off our mortgage. It might hurt a little handing over almost all of the money to the bank manager but there is no greater security in life than being mortgage free. We’ll have a very small amount left over for a nice family holiday it will be great to get away from this horrendous weather,” he laughed.

In February the National Lottery launched the new range of All Cash scratch cards which boast a better player experience with increased win odds. And the National Lottery has confirmed that there is still one top prize of €200,000 remaining on the popular All Cash Spectacular scratch card following the Kilkenny win. 

Owner of the lucky store, Michael Blanchfield, said, “It’s the talk of the Mooncoin at the moment, it’s absolutely brilliant to have such a life-changing prize won in the store. There is a great buzz in the shop among the locals who are speculating on the identity of the winners but whoever they are, the whole community are completely behind them and we wish them all the best with their massive win,” he said.

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