Daily Million player in Kildare becomes 34th National Lottery Millionaire of 2023!

National Lottery urges Kildare players to check their tickets from last night’s draw

It’s a draw….for now! National Lottery Millionaires for 2023 reaches total amount for 2022 

A Daily Million player in Kildare had a Thursday night to remember after scooping the top prize of €1 Million in last night’s 9pm draw. The Kildare top prize winner has now taken the title of 34th National Lottery millionaire of 2023.  

The winning numbers in the 9pm Daily Million draw on Thursday 19th October were: 02, 15, 25, 32, 33, 35 and the bonus was 26.  

The National Lottery will announce the winning store location tomorrow, Saturday 21st October.  

In the meantime, Daily Million players in Kildare are encouraged to check their tickets carefully from last night’s 9pm draw as one player now has a ticket worth €1 Million. The winner is advised to sign the back of their ticket and keep it safe. They should contact the National Lottery prize claims team on 1800 666 222 or email claims@lottery.ie and arrangements will be made for them to claim their life-changing prize. 

Thursday’s Daily Million win marks the 8th top prize win of the year to date following wins by players in Dublin (2), Tipperary, Donegal, Kildare, Limerick and Monaghan. 

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “A Daily Million player has woken up as Ireland’s newest millionaire today after scooping the top prize of €1 Million in Thursday’s 9pm draw. The Kildare winner has been added to the roll call of big wins for this year taking the spot of 34th National Lottery Millionaire for 2023. In 2022, the total number of wins amounting to €1 million and above was 34 which means that we are already on par with last year. Our next win of €1 Million or more could mean that 2023 will be an even bigger year for life-changing wins!” 

“We will be announcing the winning store location tomorrow so we are urging all of our players who may have purchased a Daily Million ticket in the Kildare area for Thursday’s 9pm draw to carefully check their tickets today. There is a player out there who now has a ticket worth €1 Million! The winner should sign the back of their ticket and keep it safe. They should then contact our prize claims team who will make arrangements for them to collect their prize in Lotto HQ.

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