Ireland has three new National Lottery millionaires!

Special EuroMillions draw sees winners in Donegal, Meath and Dublin pick up €1 million raffle prize EACH

Three Irish EuroMillions players have become overnight millionaires after scooping €1 million each in Friday’s (3rd February) special EuroMillions raffle draw.  

The EuroMillions Raffle draw guaranteed that 100 EuroMillions players across all nine participating countries would each win one of the €1 million raffle prizes. 

The National Lottery has revealed this morning that one player from Donegal, Meath and Dublin all won the €1 million raffle prize on offer. 

The winning Irish raffle codes in Friday night’s (3rd February) EuroMillions raffle draw were: 

I-NTZ-21276 (Online Dublin) 

I-NVD-35065 (Donegal) 

I-NVF-65558 (Meath) 

A spokesperson for the National Lottery has now urged all EuroMillions players in Ireland to check their tickets to ensure that they do not miss out on any of the big prizes following Friday night’s special draw, “What an amazing result last night for our Irish EuroMillions players. Among the 100 guaranteed prizes of €1 million throughout the entire EuroMillions community, players in Ireland managed to win not one, but three of the €1 million prizes up for grabs! In total, we had over 76,000 prize winners in the EuroMillions and Plus games last night, so today we are urging all our players, especially those in Donegal, Meath and Dublin who played in-store and online to check their tickets carefully."

The National Lottery has also confirmed that one of the winning €1 Million raffle prize tickets was purchased online or on the National Lottery website by a player in Dublin. The other two winning selling locations of the €1 million raffle prize in Donegal and Meath are retail based and will be announced in the coming days. “For any National Lottery prizes over €1 million, we always ensure that we give the winners a number of days to allow their life-changing win to sink in before we announce the exact winning location. We look forward to sharing the news of the big wins with the local retailers and I’m sure there will be plenty of celebrations when their wins are announced,” added the National Lottery spokesperson.      

The National Lottery has advised all of Friday night’s big EuroMillions winners to check their tickets carefully and if they have a winning ticket in their possession, they should sign it immediately and keep it in a safe place. To claim their prize, winners are asked to make contact with the prize claims team on 1800 666 222 or email and arrangements will be made for their prize to be paid. 

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