FIVE new millionaires in Ireland across the month of August

1 jackpot win and 4 millionaires in EuroMillions ‘Ireland only raffle draw’ round up a mega month of millionaires!

August was a truly memorable month for National Lottery players all over Ireland, which saw five new millionaires made in four weeks! 

The first big win came on Wednesday 3rd August, when a group of Galway City Council street cleaners scooped the lotto jackpot prize of a whopping €5,541,001! The ten-man syndicate was formed almost twenty-five years ago, with all numbers chosen for the draw individual to all the members. 

One syndicate member spoke of how they had to keep the belief going after so many years; “The lads thought about changing the numbers at one stage, but decided against making any changes. Just last Christmas, one member mentioned that he was going to leave the syndicate, but he was persuaded to stay on and was told it was only the price of a pint and a newspaper. Luckily, he stayed as the syndicate winning numbers appeared on the August 3rd Lottery draw”, the said. The large syndicate have become Ireland’s 7th Lotto Jackpot of the year. The winning ticket was sold in Newspoint newsagent, Unit 25, Galway Shopping Centre, on the Headford Road on Sunday 31st of July. “Someone said that we ‘cleaned-up’ and we did, but us lads clean up every day by ensuring the streets and parks in Galway city are spotless. We’re proud of our city. Unlike the ‘magnificent seven’ -these ‘magnificent ten’ can now all ride off into the sunset with their lottery win secured”, another syndicate member added. 

A local store in Galway city has been revealed as the selling location for last Wednesday’s (3rd August) Lotto jackpot winning ticket worth an astonishing €5,541,001. Newspoint newsagent, Unit 25, Galway Shopping Centre, on the Headford Road, sold the winning Marked play with Plus ticket on Wednesday 3rd August. Pictured here celebrating the news at the shop are: Ciara Kilmartin, Billy and Liam Shearer and Leah Purcell. Pic Iain McDonald / Mac Innes Photography

Newspoint newsagent at the Galway Shopping Centre, on the Headford Road, sold the winning ticket for the Lotto jackpot worth €5,541,001 on Wednesday 3rd August. Pictured celebrating are staff and family

The National Lottery then launched a special EuroMillions, ‘Ireland only raffle draw’, which guaranteed a winner of €1 million on the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th of August. As with every EuroMillions draw the ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ sees 10 raffle codes generated with each winning €5,000. One of these ten winners will then have an additional €1 million added to their prize in the four draws over the month.      

On Friday 5th of August, a player from Co. Sligo became the first millionaire of the special raffle, after purchasing their winning ticket worth €1,005,000 million in The Regional Stores, Ballinode in Co. Sligo. The winner, who wishes to keep their win private, spoke of their shock when they realised they’d won the live-changing prize: “I was walking around with this ticket in my pocket for a full week not realising how much it was worth!  I couldn’t believe it when I was told it was over €1million! You know, you always dream about winning but you never think it’s actually going to be you. I’ve no big plans yet for the money but it’s definitely going to take the pressure off as the cost of living has gone so expensive”, they said.   

The second millionaire in this special draw was made on Friday 12th of August, when a player from Co. Tipperary purchased the winning quick pick ticket worth €1 million online or through the National Lottery App. The winner who also wishes to keep their win private, is looking forward to celebrating with family: “When I found out I’d just become a millionaire, I had to sit down! I just couldn’t get my head around it, I still can’t! I’m looking forward to taking the family on a well- deserved holiday. We’re thinking of maybe going to Dubai and doing it a proper 5-star luxury style holiday”, they said.    

On Friday 19th of August, a player from Co. Galway become the third millionaire after purchasing their winning ticket worth €1,005,000 on the day of the draw in Costcutter, Bealadangan, Co. Galway.   

And on the 26th of August a winner from Kildare rounded up the month as the fourth millionaire made in the special EuroMillions, ‘Ireland Only Raffle’, after purchasing their ticket worth €1,005,000 online or on the National Lottery App. 

The National Lottery is urging players to check their tickets carefully, as the winners from Galway and Kildare are yet to come forward to claim their prizes. 

The ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ winning raffle code worth €1,005,000 to one Galway player in the EuroMillions draw on 19th August was:  I – NCR – 41927   

And the winning raffle code worth €1,005,000 to one Kildare player in the EuroMillions draw on 26th August was: I-NDJ-62913 

A National Lottery spokesperson said, “What a month it’s been for Irish players this August which saw one massive Lotto Jackpot win and four new millionaires made in the special EuroMillions ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ draw. We are asking all our players in Galway and Kildare to check their National Lottery accounts and tickets to see if they are the winners of the EuroMillions ‘Ireland only Raffle’ draws on Friday 19th and 26th of August. Both players should contact our prize claims team on 1800 666 222 or email and arrangements will be made for them to claim their prizes.”   

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