Dublin woman comes forward to claim EuroDreams prize worth €2,000 per month for 5 years! 


A Dublin woman has officially become the first big winner of the brand new EuroDreams game in Ireland after she came forward to claim her prize of €2,000 every month for five years after she won the second-tier prize in the first ever draw on Monday 6th November.

In claiming her unique prize, the Dubliner became the first big National Lottery winner to leave Lotto HQ without a physical cheque. Her annuity payments will be made directly to her bank account commencing on 1st January 2024.  

 The Dublin woman who wishes to keep her win private, purchased her EuroDreams ticket online ahead of the first ever EuroDreams draw in November. She scooped the tier 2 prize after matching 6 numbers in the Monday night (6th November) draw. 

Speaking after claiming her EuroDreams prize worth a total of €120,000, the Dublin winner said, “It was the first draw of the new EuroDreams game, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Our entire family were talking about the game ahead of the draw so there was a sense of excitement about it in the house and a couple of us bought a ticket out of curiosity. I bought my ticket online and the day after the draw, one of the family called me and excitedly told me to check my lottery account as the big winner of the night had been an online player from Dublin. Of course, it could have been anybody in Dublin, so I wasn’t expecting to be the winner but when I did open the Lottery app, the message was there – it was me!” 

“I’ve had a few weeks to let the win sink in so I’m glad to finally claim the prize. It's such a novel way to win and knowing that there will be €2,000 going into my bank account on the 1st of every month is very exciting. It’s not life-changing but it will allow me to make some nice little changes to my life over the next five years. I don’t have any big immediate plans, but I can promise that I’ll definitely be taking more sun holidays and little extra breaks once the payments start coming through in January,” she laughed. 

EuroDreams is the first annuity game of its kind ever to be seen in Ireland and comes almost 20 years after the EuroMillions was first launched in Ireland in 2004. Unlike other lottery draw-based games, the annuity top prize which is worth €7.2 Million will be paid in monthly tax-free payments of €20,000 spread over 30 years.

The game is played in eight countries, namely Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland with draws taking place every Monday and Thursday at 8pm.  The minimum play for EuroDreams is one line per draw, which costs €2.50 with players picking six main numbers from 1-40 and one bonus number (called "Dream" number) from 1-5 to make up their combination. 

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “We always love seeing big winners but to have a big win in Ireland on the launch night of EuroDreams was fantastic. The EuroDreams game is very unique compared to our other games. Unlike Lotto and EuroMillions where we give our big winners a cheque, the prize payment process is entirely new and requires a unique procedure where an annuity product is set-up on behalf of the player to organise monthly payments. Of course, our lucky Dublin winner left our famous Winners’ Room very happy but, in a way, it was strange to see such a big winner leaving without a physical cheque in their hand.”

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