“What’s meant for you won’t pass you by!” – Dublin syndicate excited to claim €3.8 Million Lotto Jackpot in Lotto HQ

Laois syndicate claim €100,000 top prize on Scratch Card

It was a day for celebrating in Lotto HQ with almost €4 Million in prizes claimed by two separate syndicates, both overjoyed to be in the Winners’ Room.  

A Dublin syndicate who scooped over €3.8 Million in the Wednesday 4th October draw were thrilled to collect their cheque after winning their life-changing amount almost two weeks ago. The Jackpot winners purchased their ticket at the Spar store at 13 South Circular Road in Dublin 8.  

The Dublin winners were quick to realise their good fortune on the night of the draw. 

“I was watching the draw as it happened and just knew they were our numbers that had come out. The numbers don’t hold any particular significance to be honest but I just knew they were ours. We checked our ticket immediately and it was a real mix of emotions from excitement to being utterly overwhelmed. There’s just nothing that can prepare you for that. At that stage, we didn’t even know what the exact amount of the jackpot was or of course that there was another winner in Dublin with the same numbers who we were sharing the prize with!” 

“When we gathered ourselves, we decided to facetime family members to let them know. I think they definitely thought we were about to tell them bad news so when we finally said that we won the Lotto, the excitement took over and we were all jumping around the place. I really believe that what’s for you won’t pass you by but even still, this is so surreal,” they added. 

The syndicate are planning to take their time before they decide how to put their life-changing winnings to good use. 

“With the ticket finally out of our hands and with the cheque in front of us, I feel like now we can actually take it in and think about what to do next. The first thing we’ll do is let the news sink in and have a proper think of what we’ll do.”

A syndicate from Laois also made the trip to Lotto HQ to collect their €100,000 top prize which they won on a €5 Money Multiplier scratch card. The winning Scratch Card was purchased at the Maxol on the Dublin Road in Portarlington.  

The syndicate admitted that they were quick to get on the phone to the National Lottery Prize claims team to confirm the win. 

“I’d say within a half an hour of scratching the ticket, I was on the phone to the claims team to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. It’s just not something that you expect to see at all so you almost convince yourself that it’s not real when it does happen.” 

“While any time of year is of course lovely for a win, we had only just been chatting about Christmas and shopping the night before winning so it certainly feels like perfect timing.”

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