Dublin player claims Daily Million Plus top prize of €500,000

“I was petrified of losing the ticket, so I hid it in one of my music albums”

A Dublin man is leaving National Lottery HQ with a spring in his step today after collecting a cheque for €500,000 which he won in Tuesday’s (4th April) 2pm Daily Million Plus draw. 

The player, who wishes to keep their win private, purchased their winning quick pick ticket on the day of the draw in Applegreen, Ballybrack, Co. Dublin. 

The Dublin winner described the moment he realised he’d won the half a million euro prize: “I actually won the Daily Million ticket on a Lotto ticket would you believe? I scanned my ticket in the shop and the girl behind the counter said, you’ll have to ring up the Lottery you’ve won big. I didn’t think much of it at first and went for a walk before ringing them. That’s when I was told I’d won half a million euro and I was completely stunned. I went home and was pacing the floor until another family member landed in and I told them the news. We had some laughs and celebrations that evening”, he said. 

“Over the next couple of days, I was petrified of losing the ticket, so I hid it in one of my music albums. The night before coming into The National Lottery, I zipped the ticket up in my jacket pocket and brought it into the bedroom with me, keeping one eye on it all night! I haven't been able to get a wink of sleep in the last week, my mind has been thinking of all the ways I can spend this money!”, laughed the winner.  

Some home and garden improvements, a new hedge trimmer and some Vinyl records are just some of the things the winner hopes to spend their winnings on. 

Daily Million draws take place twice a day, seven days a week at 2pm and 9pm and costs just €1 per play. 

Nearly 30 cent in every €1 spent on all National Lottery games goes back to Good Causes in the areas of sport, youth, health, welfare, education, arts, heritage, and the Irish Language. In total more than €6 Billion has been raised for Good Causes since the National Lottery was established 35 years ago. In 2021 alone, €304 million was raised for local Good Causes in communities across Ireland.   

Play National Lottery games responsibly, play for fun.