Dublin man leaves it late to claim €250,000 Lotto Plus 2 prize

“I knew all along that I’d won”

A Lotto player from Dublin was in no rush in claiming his Lotto Plus 2 top prize worth an incredible €250,000, which only had days left before it expired. 

The Dublin player seemed relaxed and didn’t even break a sweat as he claimed his prize just days before the looming deadline: “I knew all along that I’d won but I just wanted a little bit of time to let it sink in. I threw the ticket in a bedside drawer and left it there for the couple of months while I thought about how I might spend it. Then I started reading and hearing urgent calls being made by the National Lottery asking Dublin players to check their tickets. I thought I better ring this crowd soon as they seem to be worrying!”, he laughed. 

The winner, who wishes to keep their win private, purchased the winning quick normal play ricket was purchased on Monday 14th November at Maxol service station, Ringsend Road, Dublin 4.  

When asked about how he might spend his winnings, the winner replied, “Well I’ve had time to think about it and I plan to spend every penny and enjoy it, but I’m not telling you how!”

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